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If All Out members raise enough, Rock of Hope, our partners in Swaziland, will be able to cover the costs for booking a safe venue, equipment, security staff, catering, and a wide range of outreach and promotion to ensure that this will become the biggest LGBT event in the history of the country.

This is a huge deal in Swaziland, where relationships between men are still illegal. Discrimination and violence against LGBT people are widespread and influenced by those in power. The King of Swaziland said same-sex relationships are "satanic." And the Prime Minister said being gay is "an abnormality and a sickness."

But when our communities stand together, we are stronger. You can help Swaziland's LGBT community stand strong by chipping in to help fund the country's first Pride today.

This campaign is being run in conjunction with Rock of Hope.

Published: 26 March 2018

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