TO: Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt

We ask you to defend the fundamental human rights of ALL Swedish citizens, and do everything in your power to eliminate Sweden's outdated "forced sterilization" law.

The majority of Parliament is in favor of the law's removal - but progress is being thwarted by a small conservative party. As the elected leader of a country that rightfully takes pride in its human rights record, it's time to stand on the right side of history - and break the deadlock.

This campaign has ended.

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UPDATE - February 18 - WE WON!

Today the conservative Christian Democrats - members of the governing coalition in Sweden and primary obstacle to ending the policy of forced sterilizations - reversed course and announced that they'll be supporting a ban on the practice.

More than 77,000 people all around the world took a stand, and together with activists on the ground built the international momentum that finally pushed Prime Minister Reinfeldt and party leaders to end this cruel practice. We will work hard with partners in Sweden to make sure the formal change happens as soon as possible., but thanks to your efforts we have eliminated the major obstacle to repeal.

Posted: January 16th

If you are a transgender person in Sweden today looking to legally change your gender, in the 21st century you are still forced to undergo surgery that will render you permanently infertile and forever unable to have children. This barbaric practice of forced sterilizations has to stop!

The majority of the Swedish parliament is in favor of modifying this law - but up until now Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has let a small conservative party block this long awaited reform.

Let's make sure the Prime Minister knows that the majority of Sweden, and Europe - wants to see Sweden on the right side of history - by eliminating this archaic practice.

Please take one minute to sign this urgent letter to the Prime Minister of Sweden asking him to stop playing politics with the fundamental human rights of Swedish citizens. Our friends at RFSL, the Swedish LGBT Federation, will deliver your signatures directly to the Prime Minister's office.


"Hi, my name is Love, I'm from Sweden and I'm trans. That means I'm born in a female body but my heart says I'm a man. I'm speaking out today because the Swedish government is forcing thousands of people like me to make an impossible choice.

If I need to change the gender on my identity card to reflect my true self, just a small change from an "F" to an "M", my country will force me to be sterilized. I can either be represented correctly or have my basic human rights violated. That is not a fair choice. I'm at a protest today in front of the Parliament to ask for the law to be changed and this barbaric practice to end.

Your support is making a difference, please join us by signing the petition and telling your friends to do the same. Thank you!"

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.