TO: Nigerian Government, the National Assembly, the Attorney General and the Police.

We call on you to:

  • Stop all cases of arrests and persecution of people based on perceived or real sexual orientation.
  • Investigate and prosecute cases of incitement to violence against LGBT people
  • Ensure access to justice for victims of mob justice and arbitrary arrests.

This campaign has ended.

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Shown: David Mark, Nigeria Senate President and Aminu Tambuwal, Speaker of the House of Representatives. Nigeria's new anti-gay law says showing affection for someone of the same sex means 10 years in jail. This should't be a crime.

This petition is hosted by All Out on behalf of the "Solidarity Alliance" in Nigeria. Support their call to action now:

"On 14 January, we woke up the shocking news that President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan of the Federal Republic of Nigeria had assented to the bill passed the National Assembly prescribing 14 years imprisonment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Since the signing of this law, many people have been arrested in Nigeria. There were more than a dozen arrested and arraigned in Bauchi. There has been mob violence and the Nigerian LGBT community and straight allies are living in fear.

The government of the country are denying many Nigerians our fundamental human rights and criminalizing our relationships, movement and even sustenance.

What can you do to help? Sign the petition in support of our community, spread the word, and join in our Global Day of Action on 7 March."

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.