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Update: May 13th 2015 

Incredible! In just a few days, All Out members chipped in the $6,600 needed to get Samir - a gay refugee on the run from ISIS - into safe housing.

Because of this incredible outpouring, we’re stepping up our goal: If we all chip in now, we can get two more refugees just like Samir into safe housing, and superpower our movement so we can help more people around the world facing deadly discriminations.

Published: May 5th 2015

Samir is from Syria and he's gay. Last year, ISIS invaded the city where he lived. He was terrified because he knew ISIS was attacking people like him. Just a few weeks later, ISIS murdered his best friend because they found out he was gay.

He was so scared, he decided to escape the country. He came to Lebanon, where he thought he would be safe. ISIS can’t reach him now, but with no money or family, he's going to end up on the street where he could be attacked and abused.

An amazing organization called IRAP is trying to help people like Samir find a safe housing. But right now they just don’t have the funds. So we’re asking All Out members for help. Can you chip in a few dollars, euros, or francs to help Samir and other gay and trans refugees find a safe place to live?

$6,600 could get Samir off the streets for a year, while IRAP helps him get resettled permanently. Anything over that will allow us to help more people in Syria and other parts of the world who face deadly circumstances just because of who they are or who they love.

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