Help fund the first LGBT+ community centre in Uganda!

Rainbow Riots is a community of LGBT+ activists in Uganda using music to protest violence and hate. 

Together with All Out, they want to launch a safe space for the Ugandan queer community. 

Donate today and you’ll get a FREE download of Rainbow Riots’ debut album! 

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Check out the music video for "Freedom," one of the singles off of Rainbow Riots' debut album, featuring LGBT+ voices of Uganda.

Rainbow Riots is a group of LGBT+ activists in Uganda using music to protest transphobia, biphobia, and homophobia.

But right now, there's no reliable and safe space for the community to come together and continue this powerful protest.

That's why Rainbow Riots and All Out are partnering to crowdfund enough to launch the first LGBT+ community centre in Uganda. The community centre will provide a safe space to practice and perform music, hold events and workshops, give advice on health and safety issues, screen films, create art, and mobilise against discrimination.

Donate today to fund Uganda's first LGBT+ community centre!

Rainbow Riots recently released their first album and Petter Wallenberg – Swedish artist, songwriter, producer and the founding director of Rainbow Riots – is gifting a FREE album to anyone who donates today!

This campaign is being run in conjunction with Rainbow Riots.

Published: 27 August 2018

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