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Update: September 29th, 2015

Incredible news! In just a few days, almost 500 All Out members chipped to relocate Nina to safety.

But Nina isn't alone in her struggle. Countless other lesbian, gay, bi, and trans people are facing violence and death threats in their hometowns, just because of who they are. Without any support from their family or community, escaping can be even harder than other refugees.

People like Farid and Yusef, a gay couple from Syria. Yusef fled Syria after he was outed to his family by authorities. They're both living in Lebanon, where they’re still in constant danger of violence and harassment. Their families threatened them and banned them from coming home. They’re stuck here, without any help to move to a safer place.

Don’t let them get left behind. Chip in today and help get Farid and Yusef to safety, too.

Published: September 25th 2015

The most vulnerable people aren’t always visible.

People like Nina, a trans woman from Jordan. After coming out to her family, she was beaten repeatedly by her brother, who threatened to kill her.

Nina fainted from one particularly violent attack, and her father and brother shaved her head while she was unconscious. They wanted to teach Nina “a lesson” for dressing and identifying as a woman.

Nina was forced out of her job as an occupational therapist because of her identity. She’s desperate to leave her family’s house and get out of Jordan. But she has no income, no-one to help her, and nowhere else to go.

All Out’s partner group, the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), can help her reach safety in another country. But it all comes at a cost.

$6,600 will resettle Nina to a safer place. $19,800 will resettle her and two more people at risk. Anything beyond that will go towards All Out’s work with members and the media to highlight the struggles of lesbian, gay, bi, and trans people like Nina around the world.

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