TO: Mexican legislators

It’s time for Mexico to say yes to marriage equality across the country.

The national Supreme Court, Mexico City and various states have recognised the right to marry for all couples. 

Support love and equality for all, and vote in favor of marriage equality.

This campaign has ended.

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Update 10 November 2016: On Wednesday, November 9, the Chamber of Deputies voted against the marriage equality bill that the president had sent to Congress. This is just one lost battle for the movement for love and equality, but our partners in Mexico have not lost enthusiasm, continue to organize and mobilize support, and we'll keep fighting with them until there's equality for all couples and families.


Something massive just happened in Mexico: Enrique Peña Nieto became the first president to publicly support same-sex marriage!

His powerful words helped push two more states to marriage equality, just hours later.

Mexico is so close to passing marriage equality for the entire country. If thousands of us, from all over the world, come together to say "It's time, Mexico!", we can push the country to finally recognise the rights of so many couples who are still treated like second-class citizens.

The time is NOW. We can turn this moment into a non-stoppable wave of support for love and equality. Sign the petition and tell Mexican legislators to say 'yes' to marriage equality.

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.