To: The Russian Commission on Minors and the Russian Government

16-year-old Russian schoolboy Maxim Neverov has been prosecuted under the anti-gay "propaganda law".

This pointless law is not only harming Russian LGBT+ adults but even the minors that it's supposedly meant to "protect".

I urge you to drop all charges against Maxim and to abolish the "propaganda law".

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UPDATE – 17 September 2018: Today Maxim was supposed to go to court to fight Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law, but his hearing was postponed to October 4. We will keep monitoring the situation and working with our partners on the ground, on the next steps of the campaign.


Maxim is 16 years old and he's the first minor to be prosecuted under Russia’s anti-gay law.

Last week, a court fined him 50,000 rubles (around 750 USD / 660 EUR) for posting images of "partly nude" men on social media. In Russia, it's illegal to write, say, or do anything authorities consider "propaganda of non-traditional relationships".

It's ironic that a law that claims to “protect” children is being used against a minor.

Maxim will soon go back to court to fight this decision. The Russian LGBT Network is providing him with legal support, but he’ll need your help as well.

If thousands of people hear about his case, we can get Russia's absurd anti-gay law back in the news. We can demand that charges are dropped and push for an end to these laws once and for all.

Help Maxim fight back – ask authorities to drop charges and to put an end to Russia's "propaganda law".

This campaign is being run in conjunction with the Russian LGBT Network.

Published: 16 August 2018

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.