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Update - 16 April 2018: Thanks to your donations we were able to have a MASSIVE projection onto Westminster Palace on the first day of the Commonwealth meeting. The stunt helped put these countries' anti-gay record front and center, and demand action from their leaders. The next day, UK Prime Minister Theresa May said she "deeply regrets" the UK's role in spreading anti-gay laws around the world – an important milestone in the fight against these laws. A big shout out to everyone at The Commonwealth Equality Network for their hard work in making this happen! We'll keep working to make sure these words become action.


In a matter of days, the leaders of every single Commonwealth country will be sitting in a room in London for their annual meeting.

What’s the one issue they do NOT want to talk about? The fact that more than half of these countries can still throw you in jail just for being gay – thanks to old British colonial laws.

But we have a chance to grab their attention in a BIG way.

We can light up a Central London building with a massive projection, sending a message that holds the UK accountable for these age-old atrocities.

It won't be easy, but if enough of us chip in, we can pull it off. Will you help make it happen?

Published: 4 April 2018

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