Help LGBTI asylum seekers live safely in the UK

Thousands of LGBTI people seek safety in the UK, fleeing death threats and violence in their home countries.

But LGBTI asylum seekers often aren't safe in the houses where they're placed - living with people from their home countries who hold anti-LGBTI views.

Together with Micro Rainbow International, we can give LGBTI asylum seekers a safe place to stay as they await a decision on their asylum claim.

If 1,500 All Out members donate, at least 10 LGBTI people will be relocated to safety.

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Kaira is intersex (someone born with sex characteristics that don’t fit the typical idea of a male or female body) and a refugee from El Salvador. They don’t identify as male or female. Because of their identity, they were in grave danger in their home country.

They thought they would be safe in the UK. But Kaira is labeled as male on their birth certificate and was placed in a home for male asylum seekers. In this home, Kaira was bullied, sexually abused, and attacked, just because they're intersex.

Kaira would have left for a life of homelessness if it wasn’t for a group called Micro Rainbow International (MRI). Thanks to some generous funders, MRI bought 5 properties in England where asylum seekers can safely stay with other LGBTI people.

But they need our help to make these properties livable. Together with All Out, we're raising money needed to pay for heating and electricity, buy furniture, pillows and blankets, and cover travel costs, counseling, and other essentials.

Help LGBTI asylum seekers live safely in the UK and donate today!

This campaign is being run in conjunction with Micro Rainbow International (MRI).

Published: 26 September 2018

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