EMERGENCY: Istanbul Pride attacked

Istanbul Pride has been attacked again.

All Out is on the ground in Istanbul working with partners on the next steps in the fight for Pride.

But we need your help to make that happen.

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After Pride was banned for the fourth year in a row, organisers were given permission to gather publicly and read a statement on the importance of Pride to the LGBT+ community.

The crowd refused to accept that a five-minute reading of a statement was all they would be allowed and defied the order to disperse. Many had to run for their lives when police started shooting plastic bullets and tear gas.

Dozens of people were beaten by police and many have been arrested. One attendee was attacked by 10 police officers and a police dog.

We urgently need your help to defend and protect the fight for Istanbul Pride.

Your donation will help us shine a light on the attacks at Istanbul Pride, defend and protect the LGBT+ activists bravely defying Pride bans, and bring global attention to the abuses of police and authorities who so shamelessly violate our right to come together in community and Pride.

Published: 01 July 2018

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