CHIP IN: Help make history in Iraq

This is big. LGBT rights group Rasan wants to paint beautiful public murals about anti-discrimination around the city of Sulaimanyah.

In a country where LGBT people regularly face extreme discrimination and fear, these murals will let young LGBT Iraqis know that they aren’t alone. They can help change hearts and minds.

Rasan already has permission from the government – they just need the funds. Donate today to help spread the message of anti-discrimination on the streets of Iraq.

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An LGBT rights group called Rasan wants to make history in Iraq. With enough help, they’re going to paint beautiful murals about anti-discrimination around Sulaimanyah, a city in the Kurdish region of Iraq. They pulled off a similar project in early 2017, but the murals were destroyed. This time, the murals will be in places that are harder for vandals to reach.

They received hate mail and threats because of the murals, but they’re determined to spread a message of love and equality, giving hope to young LGBT people who may feel desperate or alone.

But Rasan's work doesn't stop there. They also want to produce a number of short, educational films that introduce LGBT identities to the Kurdish language. There are ZERO resources about LGBT identities available in Kurdish. There isn't any terminology to describe LGBT identities in the Kurdish language, so people resort to using offensive words instead.

This is going to be a critical jumping-off point for conversations that can move people away from hatred and abuse. And you can help make it happen by chipping in today.

This campaign is being run in conjunction with Rasan.

Published: 24 February 2018

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