To: Leaders of the European Union

Same-sex families often stop being considered a family as soon as they set foot in a different country in the European Union - because the EU lacks a general legal framework to recognise these couples and their children across borders.

We call on you to address this situation and ensure mutual recognition of same-sex families, wherever they are.

This campaign has ended.

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Watch "Invisible Parents", short film by filmmaker Mike Buonaiuto.

Published November 5th: For thousands of children in the European Union, crossing borders can mean they're on their own. The reason is simple: when moving between one country to another, their parents are no longer recognised as their real parents - just because they're the same sex.

Will you sign now and tell the leaders of the European Union that same-sex families are families, regardless of the country they're in?

Also, if you are you part of an "invisible family", both with or without children, please share your story with us. We need real-life examples to show EU leaders that the problem is critical. Please send us your story by clicking here - we can keep your information anonymous.

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.