TO: Turkish Telecommunications Presidency

Repeal the order of the 14th Criminal Court of Istanbul blocking Grindr as a “protection measure” and abide by European Court of Human Rights rulings on freedom of speech and information.

This campaign has ended.

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The Turkish government is cracking down on freedom of speech and information across the country. They've just shut down popular dating app Grindr, one of the few ways that gay people have to communicate with each other inside the country.

We've seen Turkey try things like this before - they recently lost a case at the European Court of Human Rights for trying to censor Blogspot, a popular blogging platform. Now they're trying to silence gay people and remove gay content from the internet.

We have to send a message that we won't stand for Turkey's censorship or discrimination against the gay community. This won't stop with Grindr - it's just one part of the Turkish government's crackdown against freedom of speech across the entire country. Sign now.

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.