To: John D. Barge, Georgia State School Superintendent

Do you think gay or lesbian students should be expelled from publicly-funded schools for who they are?

We call on you to be accountable for the Department of Education's programs and answer this question.

This campaign has ended.

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Photo: Georgia State School Superintendent John D. Barge

Update: Our voices were heard! Thanks to the massive outcry, John D. Barge responded that he "is a firm believer that our schools should not discriminate based on a student's sexual orientation." We've got a ways to go until this program that funds schools with anti-gay policies is ended, but now it's public the Georgia Departent of Education is on our side. Thanks for going All Out.

Breaking: Over 100 schools in the state of Georgia say 'No Gays Allowed!' – and are still taking over $170 million away from public coffers.

Georgia lawmakers want to add millions more to this program that supports schools who explicitly ban gay and lesbian students. But, they won't be able to ignore state education officials who make it clear that all schools that receive state support must not discriminate against gay and lesbian students.

The Department of Education head, John D. Barge, could make it clear that this kind of discrimination is not acceptable. Let's get him on the record now!

NY Times: Backed by State Money, Georgia Scholarships Go to Schools Barring Gays - January 21, 2013 (link)

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.