TO: Tunisia's Prime Minister, Youssef Chahed

Hèla is a trans woman arrested AGAIN for no other reason than the police didn’t like the way she looks. Now she is in a horrible men’s jail, exposed to even more violence.

This is appalling. I call on you to release Hèla immediately and unconditionally.

This campaign has ended.

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Update – 21 September 2018: Hèla is FREE, again! Yesterday, All Out delivered again over 49,000 signatures to Tunisia's Prime Minister, Youssef Chahed. Today the Court has decided to completely free Hèla. The final judgment will be published on October 29.


Update – 17 September 2018: Today Hèla was arrested again for "indecency" by transphobic police officers who insulted her before taking her to a men’s jail. She is being held in a cell with 50 men found guilty of very serious crimes, including murder. Her hearing is scheduled for September 21. We need to act quickly, that’s why we reopened this campaign.


Update – 6 March 2017: The Appeal Court has decided to completely free Hèla, but still condemned her to pay a fine of 219 dinars (around USD 91) for “indecency”. They took into consideration the transphobic attitude of the police, Hèla’s right to identify as a woman and to wear women clothes.


Update – 27 February 2017: On February 23, Hèla’s appeal hearing took place and All Out delivered 45,694 signatures to Tunisia's Prime Minister, Youssef Chahed. The final judgment on Héla’s case is expected on March 2. We’ll keep monitoring the situation.


Update – 10 February 2017: Hèla is FREE - but it’s not over yet! The Appeals Chamber ordered her provisional release and the review of her trial at a hearing scheduled for February 23. Let’s keep up the pressure until all charges are dropped. Sign and share!


Hèla was on her way home after a fun night out with friends when the police stopped her car and arrest her.

They didn’t like the way she looks, so they insulted, beat, and tortured her. Because Hèla spoke out for her rights, the police initiated a prosecution against her.

On January 19, a transphobic judge convicted Hèla of "indecency" and sentenced her to four months in a horrible men’s jail exposing her to even more violence.

Our friends at Shams will soon be going back to court to appeal the decision, but it will take a huge, global outcry to convince authorities to set Hèla free.

No one should be jailed because of who they are. Sign the petition asking Tunisia’s Prime Minister to free Hèla.

This campaign is being run in conjunction with Shams – Pour la dépénalisation de l'homosexualité en Tunisie.

Published: 07 February 2017

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.