Tunisia: Free Anas NOW!

TO: Tunisia's Prime Minister, Youssef Chahed

Anas is a young man from Tunisia. He has been raped and robbed by two men.

When he reported the crimes to police, they arrested him on homosexuality charges, and the judge forced him to undergo an anal test and eventually condemn him for homosexuality.

This is appalling. I call on you to release Anas immediately and unconditionally.

This campaign has ended.

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Update – 29 May 2019: Today, Anas was finally released on parole.


Update – 14 May 2019: Bad news: Today the Appeal Court upheld Anas's 8-month prison conviction. Lawyers are now fighting to have him released on parole. We will keep demanding justice for Anas and won't back down.


Update – 07 May 2019: Today, Anas’ appeal took place and All Out delivered over 44,000 signatures to the Tunisian Prime Minister, Youssef Chahed (adding almost 20,000 signatures to the petition delivery which happened in February). The Court will hand down its decision on May 14. We will keep the pressure up to support Anas. 


Update – 15 February 2019: We learned that Anas decided to retract the allegation of rape before the hearing. Then he was forced to undergo anal testing, the results of which were reported as “negative”. Regardless, the judge ruled that he consented to having sex with the men who attacked him and sentenced Anas to eight months in jail: six months for homosexuality and 2 months for “simulated rape”. This is appalling and we will keep demanding justice for Anas.


Update – 11 February 2019: Today, Anas’ hearing took place and All Out delivered over 25,000 signatures to Tunisia's Prime Minister, Youssef Chahed. Sadly, Anas was sentenced to 8 months in prison. We need to show Tunisian authorities that we won't back down until Anas is free.


Anas' story reads like pure horror: He got raped and robbed by two men. But when he went to the police to report the crime, they threw HIM into jail on charges of being gay.

To make things even worse, they forced him to undergo an anal test to "prove" he's gay.

The young man from Tunisia has now been in prison for four weeks. He is constantly harassed and attacked by his fellow inmates and he's on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

He needs to get out of this nightmare, but there's not much time left: his trial is coming up on February 11.

Take action NOW and ask Tunisia's Prime Minister to free Anas IMMEDIATELY.

This campaign is being run in conjunction with Shams – Pour la dépénalisation de l'homosexualité en Tunisie.

Published: 7 February 2019

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.