To: The Italian National Fire Corps

Costantino Saporito, firefighter and USB trade unionist, risks being fired for marching on Pride with his uniform on.

We believe there's nothing wrong with attending a pride parade for a firefighter and urge you not to fire Costantino.

Costantino is a firefighter living in Rome and a proud ally of the LGBT community.

That's why last month, he was so excited to march in Rome's annual Pride parade in his firefighter uniform. But now, he could be fired because of it.

A few weeks after the march, he got a letter from his employers accusing him of "shaming and ridiculing" his colleagues...

Now he's awaiting a disciplinary hearing where his "punishment" will be decided and he needs your help.

Will you sign his petition telling the Italian National Fire Corps that no one should be fired for standing up for equality?

This campaign is being run in conjunction with Roma PrideMario Mieli | Circolo di Cultura Omosessuale and with Unione Sindacale di Base.

Published: 1 August 2017

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.