Call out this foul play:

A global phenomenon with passionate fans in every corner of the world, the "beautiful game" has also played an inspiring role in promoting social justice and equality. And FIFA, soccer's world governing body, has real moral authority—from its courageous stand against apartheid in South Africa, to its recent "Say No to Racism" campaign.

That's why in light of the blatant discrimination, and even termination, of players "suspected" of being gay, FIFA must publicly condemn this systematic discrimination, investigate the harassment, and take the necessary steps to end homophobia in the league.

This campaign has ended.

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LISTEN NOW: The lesbianism interview that got FIFA angry- Dilichukwu Onyedinma - Chairperson Nigeria women's league. "We won't tolerate lesbianism in Nigeria women football-league."

FOUL PLAY: Officials just announced that lesbians could be kicked off Nigeria's football teams. FIFA needs to speak out now.

FIFA's taken steps already, largely because of the pressure of All Out members and other equality-supporters worldwide. A few days ago they wrote a private letter to Nigerian officials – but it's not enough.

If we get a huge surge of new signatures on the petition, we can show FIFA there is overwhelming demand for them to publicly condemn Nigeria's unofficial ban on lesbian players.

We're working with fantastic partners on this campaign including Gay Games, Football v Homophobia, EGLSF and IGLFA. Join the outcry – sign now!

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.