LGBT+ lives under attack in Russia!

We helped save lives during the attacks in Chechnya, sounded the alarm during the World Cup, and fought back against the "gay propaganda" law.

But the attacks in Russia continue and we need your help to keep up the fight.

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One and a half years have passed and Russian authorities still have not done anything to prevent LGBT+ people in Chechnya from being kidnapped, tortured and even killed.

But over that year and a half, All Out members have done so much to keep up the fight:

  • All Out members literally saved dozens of lives when they helped fund our partner’s evacuation, getting victims out of Chechnya.
  • It is illegal to say, do, or write anything considered “gay” in Russia. 16-year-old Maxim is the first minor to be prosecuted under this “gay propaganda” law. Over 34,000 All Out members have already signed Maxim’s petitions demanding his charges get dropped.
  • Earlier this year, all eyes were on Russia during the World Cup. All Out members "broke the law" around the world by tagging themselves in Moscow with images of LGBT+ love, putting “vigilante” homophobes on a wild goose chase.
  • And All Out members helped fund secret housing for LGBT+ refugees who were forced to live in Russia while awaiting asylum in safer countries.

But we need a lot of support to keep up the fight.

With your help, we’ll continue to strategise with partners on the ground to challenge state-sanctioned homophobia, stand beside people who are victimised by senseless laws, and help to build a future where LGBT+ people in Russia can live with safety and dignity.

Will you help fuel the bold and strategic activism necessary to make real change happen?

Published: 16 October 2018.

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