Detained by police in Moscow

An All Out campaigner was detained by police in Moscow, along with fellow activists.

They were on their way to deliver over 2 million signatures to Russian authorities, demanding justice for the kidnapping and torture of gay men in Chechnya. 

Police were waiting and they were taken away immediately.

Chip in today to help pay for their fines and other emergency costs.

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UPDATE - 04 October 2017: All four Russian activists detained during our petition delivery have had their hearings and were fined 10,000 rubles - around US$175. They have appealed the decision and are now awaiting the appeal hearing. All charges against our campaigner Yuri, who was also detained during the delivery, were dropped.


UPDATE - 12 May 2017: All five activists – among them Yuri, a campaigner for All Out – have been released from detention and are safe. A trial is set for May 29. Please chip in to help us continue to campaign fearlessly with our partners on the ground, until there is justice for the gay men persecuted in Chechnya: 


Your donation today will also allow us to continue to campaign fearlessly with our partners on the ground, until there is justice for the Chechen 100.

We'll continue to mobilise with the Russian LGBT Network – the group leading the evacuation of men at risk in Chechnya, which All Out members helped fund. The police confiscated the 2 million signatures, but we’re determined to get them into the hands of Russian authorities.

We'll also keep working with groups like Avaaz and to unite even more global voices. Your support is already working – together we pressured Angela Merkel to publicly urge Putin to stop the violent crimes against gay men in Chechnya.

But there's a lot more work to do. We’ve gotten the attention of Russian authorities. With your help, we can recover stronger than ever and keep up the drumbeat demanding justice for the Chechen 100.

Published 11 May 2017

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