To: International Olympic Committee

No country has a perfect human rights record - but please don't award future Olympics to cities with laws designed to discriminate or attack the dignity of the individual, in violation of Principle 6 and the Olympic Philosophy.

  • Overhaul the application process and make sure host cities do not have discriminatory laws, including anti-gay laws.
  • Get selected host cities to agree not to introduce new discriminatory laws if they win the Games.
  • Consider submissions from human rights organisations a vital part of the application process.

This campaign has ended.

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Update September 24th - Victory! During Sochi 2014, thousands of All Out members called on the International Olympic Committee to change its rules so future host cities would never again be able to discriminate against any group - including LGBT people. Today, they did it! The IOC will add a clause reflecting Principle 6 of the Olympic Charter that says NO to discrimination.

If countries with anti-gay laws were banned from hosting the Olympics, it would make governments think twice about attacking gay people. It could help stop anti-gay laws in Ukraine - and in time, help win the battle against anti-gay laws everywhere.

Please sign to ask the Olympic Committee to change the rules so that the Games can't be held in countries where laws violate international human rights standards.

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.