To: Álex Cruz de Llano, the CEO of British Airways

LGBT+ people seeking asylum and other migrants receive inhumane treatment by immigration authorities in the UK.

People are being deported to the horrible situations from which they fled. Putting people’s lives in danger, LGBT+ or otherwise, can never be excused.

British Airways continues to allow its aircrafts to be used for these deportations. We are asking you to take a clear, public stand for better treatment of LGBT+ people seeking asylum and other migrants.

This campaign has ended.

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Last month – following pressure from activists – Virgin Atlantic airlines announced that they will no longer accept government contracts to carry out deportations of people. Technically, this decision breaks UK immigration law, but Virgin have decided to take a stand and not be complicit in this inhumanity.

British Airways (BA) is an iconic global brand, with massive influence. If they speak up publicly about the injustice being committed against LGBT+ people seeking asylum and other migrants, we have a real possibility of pushing the UK Government to change its shameful practices.

Next month, BA will sponsor Brighton Pride and their slogan is "Flying Proud". Let’s hold them to this. Let’s pressure them to take a stand for all those who need safety and protection from persecution.

We need to act fast: each day British Airways remains silent, more people are deported to places where they will face danger or places they have very little connection to. And more people will be forced to humiliate themselves to the Home Office to prove they are "gay enough" to receive asylum.

Will you add your name? Will you tell Alex Cruz, BA's CEO, that it's his responsibility to speak up if his aircrafts are being used to send people back to violence and even death? Will you let him know that Pride means freedom, safety, and dignity for LGBT+ people everywhere, not just waving rainbow flags in Brighton?

This campaign is being run in conjunction with Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants.

Published: 25 July 2018

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.