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On the Caribbean island of Barbados, being gay puts you at risk of life in jail. Thousands of Barbadians still believe that gays and lesbian people should be treated like criminals.

But our partners in Barbados, B-GLAD, have a big, brave plan to build visibility and fight hate. With your help, they plan to launch an unmissable pro-equality media blitz for the first time in history! On May 17, they'll flood the airwaves with viral videos, newspaper and TV ads. But to get it done, they have to get started THIS WEEK.

We've met with the awesome B-GLAD team. They have the plan, but they need $3,000 to cover production costs. If we each chipped in a few bucks, we could give them the financial power they need to start changing hearts and minds.

Will you chip in a small donation now, to enable Barbados’ first public campaign against homophobia? Anything we raise over the total will help us support others speaking out for tolerance and respect around the world.

Published April 24th

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