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Updated August 28th 2015  – Just this week, an Australian Minister banned schools from screening a film about gay and lesbian families. Myths and scare stories about gay and lesbian couples are spreading. We need to get positive stories of love and equality out there, now!

If members of Parliament see this advert, it'll remind them that love is love, whoever you are. And love wins in the end.

Published August 17th 2015 – A marriage equality bill has just been introduced in Australia. But thanks to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, key members of Parliament have been banned from voting 'Yes.' We need to send them a powerful message to incite a rebellion for equality.

Thousands of us have signed a huge petition asking Australian politicians to defy Abbott. People from around the world are asking Australia to say YES on social media. Now we need to get our message where it can't be ignored.

If enough people chip in, we can buy an advertising slot on Sky News – the channel that streams inside Parliament. The powerful message could get enough politicians to join the rebellion and vote 'Yes' on marriage equality. 

Watch our powerful ad, then chip in to get in on air IN Parliament.

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