You will soon vote to decide if Aruba should open civil unions to same-sex couples. Your decision can have a major impact not only in Aruba, but across the Caribbean.

I call on you to vote YES and make Aruba take an important step towards equality. 

This campaign has ended.

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Update 9 September 2016: Amazing news: the Aruban parliament said YES to civil unions for same-sex couples! This is not just a huge victory for Aruba. This decision will have an impact across the Caribbean, where it's still so hard to be LGBT. That's what happens when thousands of us come together to fight for love. More than 50,000 All Out members - almost half the population of Aruba! - sent out a message that decision-makers couldn't ignore. 


Update 5 September 2016: More than 35,000 All Out members have already signed the petition, asking Aruba to open civil unions to same-sex couples. And it’s working: some members of Parliament –and even the Minister of Justice– said they will support the bill. The vote has been postponed to this Thursday, so we have some extra time to dial up the pressure! Sign and share now.


Update 23 August 2016: The vote on Monday has been postponed by one week. While some Members of Parliament support civil unions for same-sex couples, others still need to make up their minds. If we keep up the pressure in the next few days, they will see that voting for love and equality in Aruba is the right thing to do. Sign and share the petition now!


In the Caribbean, living as an openly gay person can be incredibly tough. In places like Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, many local LGBT Caribbeans have to live in fear every single day.

But a small island in the Caribbean is about to break that trend in a HUGE way.

This Monday, Aruba will vote on civil unions for same-sex couples. The bill was introduced by Desiree de Sousa - Croes, an openly gay Senator who married her same sex partner in the Netherlands.

But religious leaders like Daniel Szpila, a Polish Catholic Priest, are running a vicious, counter-campaign, combating messages of love and equality by inciting violence and fear-mongering. Szpila said children of gay parents are destined to be handicapped, mentally disturbed, and emotionally deprived, among many other attacks.

We need to stop them from spreading their hate. Thousands of signatures from around the world will convince decision-makers that voting for love and equality in Aruba is the right thing to do.

Will you tell the Aruban parliament to open civil unions to same-sex couples? Add your name now!

Published on 17 August 2016.

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.