To: Arizona State Legislature

Reject Kavanagh's anti-trans amendment and any others like it. Make sure that all Arizonans, including trans Arizonans, receive respect and fair treatment.

This campaign has ended.

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UPDATE June 6: Huge victory! The discriminatory bill is dead in all its forms. Kavanagh shelved it after the massive outcry in Arizona and around the country. Our message that all Arizonans, including trans Arizonans, must have fairness and respect under the law was heard loud and clear!

Update March 26: Kavanagh just proposed a new bill that makes it illegal for municipalities to protect trans people. Keep signing and sharing! Tell Arizona legislators to reject every single one of Kavanagh's anti-trans amendments.

Posted March 21: Seriously? A rogue Arizona State representative, John Kavanagh, wants to pass a bill that would throw trans people in jail for using public restrooms. We need to stop him now!

If the bill passes with his amendment, police could stop any woman trying to use a women's restroom. She'd have to show proof that she's a woman, and if she doesn't have ID or the gender on her ID doesn't match her gender identity because she's trans – 6 months jail and a $2,500 fine.

When asked why the bill targeted trans people he explained that it's because he thinks "they're weird."

The law would lead to extreme gender policing – anyone gender non-conforming would need ID just to be in public, just in case. Already trans people face extreme violence and discrimination in public spaces – this bill makes it even less safe to be a trans person in Arizona.

Tell the Arizona State Legislature to uphold the rights of trans people!

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.