Empowering LGBT Activists in Africa

Internet access and smartphones are spreading quickly across African countries.

Anti-LGBT extremists, police, and politicians use the internet to spread hate and hunt down activists.

That's why we’re helping 75 young LGBT leaders from Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya learn how to protect themselves online and use the internet to empower their fights on the ground.

Chip in to help build up this next generation of LGBT online activists in Africa.

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It’s a crime to be gay in 34 countries in Africa. In 4, being gay can cost you your life.

The struggle for equality in Africa is huge. And it’s changing fast, as internet access expands across the continent.

It’s predicted that in just a few years, there will be more than 700 million smartphones in Africa. That's more than North America and on par with Europe.

As access expands, so do the risks. It’s becoming easier for police and hate-mongers to track people down. Lies about LGBT people spread on social media. But opportunities to utilise the internet for good are growing, too.

That's why we're helping 75 activists from Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya learn from expert online organisers how to keep up with this massive online revolution. They’ll learn how to protect themselves and others online, use the internet to strengthen their fights on the ground, and ultimately move their communities closer to equality.

These young activists will be able to take their skills into their own communities, training up colleagues and fueling local fights for equality.

Published: 10 March 2017

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