The UK wants to deport Aderonke back to Nigeria, where she could be put to death under Nigeria's anti-gay laws.

Your Ministry, the Home Office, said in court that she must be lying about being a lesbian because she has children and used to have long hair.

This is outrageous. Ensure stereotypes can't be used in asylum cases, including in court. Stop all deportations now until every government representative keeps to respectful guidelines.

This campaign has ended.

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After fleeing violence in Nigeria 10 years ago, Aderonke applied for asylum in the UK. But in her latest hearing last week, a Home Office barrister argued that she couldn’t be a lesbian because “Lesbians only have short hair. And they don’t have children.”

Because Aderonke used to have long hair and has children she can’t possibly be a “real” lesbian, right? WRONG.

The lazy Home Office is replacing real justice with ignorant clichés. They could decide Aderonke’s fate at any moment: we have a critical window to speak out before Aderonke is sent back to Nigeria where she could be killed or jailed.

The Home Office is breaking its own rules, which say that stereotyping the lives and looks of lesbian, gay or bi people isn’t allowed. A huge public outcry in the next few days will push Home Secretary Theresa May to stop Aderonke’s deportation - and make sure that these cliches never make it into court again.

Posted 5 March 2015

This is a campaign of the All Out Action Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.